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Known as the Seafoods Paradise in the Province of Quezon. the Municipality of Guinayangan continuously try to develop and enhance the sustainable production, conservation and protection of its marine and aquatic resources.  The Ragay Gulf still remains to be a rich source of these sea products and the municipal government pledges its full commitment for its protection and conservation. 

Foremost of the popular marine and aquatic products from Guinayangan include crabs (kasag, alimango), prawns (sugpo), shrimps (hipon) and squid (pusit). A lot of these may be bought fresh from the fish brokers at the Guinayangan Municipal Fish Port.


Guinayangan, Quezon is also known for its delicious dried fish (tuyo, bislad) and smoked fish (tinapa).  The municipality until today continue to export dried and smoked fish to its neighboring towns, to Lucena City and even to Metro Manila.  

Native delicacies are also abundant in Guinayangan.  Early in the morning, native delicacy vendors walks around the town proper selling them at very affordable prices.  These include puto, kutsinta, suman, rice cake (bibingka) pitchi-pitchi, patabol, cassava cake (budin), and pinaltokTikoy, special budin and espasol may also be bought by order from known native delicacies makers.  Banana cue and Kamote cue remain to be the favorite snacks in the afternoon which can be bought from vendors in street corners cooking them fresh in hot oil. 

Fastfood snacks centers located strategically around the Metro Poblacion area sell at very affordable prices regular fastfoods with almost the same taste if not better than commercial fastfoods at the malls.  Famous and very popular among these are spaghetti, pansit bihon, pansit molo, pansit palabok, pansit miki-bihon, chami, lomi, mami, siopao, sandwiches, hamburgers and halo-halo.





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