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Service Improvements

Some of the major concerns of the municipal government this year is the cleanliness of the whole community and the provision of farm to market roads.

To best implement Municipal Ordinance No. 3 otherwise known as the Garbage Regulation Code of Guinayangan, Quezon, the municipal government has tasked the Office of the Municipal Engineer and the Office of the Designated Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer to see that the town particularly Metro Poblacion area is free from scattered garbage anytime of the day.  Since the massive information and dissemination campaign last month, litters and scattered garbage in Metro Poblacion was reduced to about 30%.  Almost all street corners were provided with garbage cans and an assigned utility street cleaner.  A Mini Dump Truck and two Garbage Compactors collect the garbage daily within the Metro Poblacion area.  A 9-hectare property in Barangay Danlagan Batis has just been acquired by the municipal government to be developed as an engineered landfill site for the collected garbage in the municipality.

Heavy Equipments


As part of the immense rehabilitation and construction of farm-to-market roads within the agricultural-producing barangays in Guinayangan, the municipal government did not just appropriate funds for road rehabilitations and constructions but also, it acquired its own heavy equipments for the speedy implementation and completion of such road rehabilitation and construction.  This heavy equipments were properly maintained and scheduled for maximum use by the Office of the Municipal Engineer.  Four of these important heavy equipments include a Dump Truck, a Payloader, a Bulldozer and the newly acquired Road Grader.  These equipments are also made for rent to private contractors within the municipality at a fee of P1000/truckload for the Dump Truck, P1800/hour for the Bulldozer, P1200/hour for the Payloader and P1600/hour for the Road Grader.   



To fully serve the whole populace with the basic public services, the municipal government recently created the Office of the Economic Enterprise.  This Office is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the economic enterprises owned and controlled by the municipal government.  This includes the Public Market Operations Section, the Fish Port Operations Section, the Slaughterhouse Operations Section, the Public Cemetery Operations Section and the Heavy Equipment Operations Section.  Presently, the office is under the supervision of the Office of the Municipal Treasurer.




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