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Governing Principles

The following principles govern the use by LGUs of Electronic Data Messages, Electronic Documents and Electronic Signatures:

  1. Technology Neutrality. All solutions implemented shall neither favor a particular technology over another nor discriminate against or in favor of particular vendors of technology.

  2. Interoperability. All implementation of technological solutions shall ensure the interoperability of systems forming part of the government network.

  3. Elimination of Red Tape. Government processes shall be re-examined and if appropriate, simplified or re-engineered to maximize the functionality of technology and to eliminate unnecessary delays in the delivery of governmental services.

  4. Security Measures. Government shall implement appropriate security measures to guard against unauthorized access, unlawful disclosure of information, and to ensure the integrity of stored information.

  5. Auditability. All systems installed shall provide for an audit trail.

LGUs can therefore work with and negotiate their E-commerce solution and implementation approach with various other government agencies and/or private sector vendors, institutions and NGOs, according to their needs and their capabilities as long as the above principles and conditions are met.



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