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Scope and Coverage

The program's target clients are local government units with basic computer-based information systems and ICT-knowledgeable personnel, as key elements needed to its implementation. E-Governance is intended to cover all provinces, highly urbanized cities, component cities and urbanizing municipalities throughout the country. The installation stage of E-Governance would be initiated by the national government for LGUs and eventually be transferred to the private sector that has better capacity, specialization and technology to set up the program.

In addition, much focus and immediate technical assistance shall be given to 5th and 6th class municipalities, which might have difficulties in implementing the program due to low income level and availability of ICT in their regions. The program will have a wide array of service applications: from online LGU profile, programs and activities, computerized public information assistance, to engaging in transactions and other related matters using the information superhighway.

With the effective installation of E-Governance program, LGUs can actively participate, provide, monitor and evaluate any demands or activities needed within and outside their respective regions. This is possible by being updated with the current trends in information technology that pertains to local administration and public service, technology, capability building programs and other fields that can help to enhance the LGU's political, social and economic status.



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