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Transformation Issues: Getting there on time

Process Development: Critical to the success of e-government transformation is the understanding that e-government is not just about the automation of existing process and inefficiencies. Conversely, it is about the creation of new processes and new relationships between governed and governor.

Leadership: In order to manage this change, leaders who understand technology and policy goals will be needed at all levels through government, from elected through to administrative levels.

Strategic Investment: Governments will need to prioritize some programs over others to maximize available funds in view of tightly limited resources. This will necessitate a clear objective for programs and a clear route to the objective.

Public Policy and Law: New technologies have already thrown up a minefield of legal and policy questions. If e-government and e-commerce are to be successful, legislatures must be wary of short-term solutions. They must also take proactive steps to ensure that good intentions are backed up with policy commitment.

Collaboration: LGUs will have to explore new relationships with the private sector and NGOs to ensure quality and delivery of government services. Some agencies may also have to overcome traditional reluctance to work with each other to maximize benefits of scale in e-government projects.

Civic Engagement: E-government initiatives depend, to some extent, on an engaged citizenry and to that end, efforts to foster civic engagement are critical to the success of e-government plans.



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