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It is the policy of the municipality to give highest priority to the adoption of measures for the education of the youth. In this connection, we have centered our efforts to the formal, non-formal and indigenous learning systems of education as governed by the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Pre-Elementary Schools
  St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parochial School (Private)   Roldan Ave. cor A. Marquez St., Brgy. Poblacion
         -  Nursery, Kinder I and Kinder II  
  Guinayangan Elementary Pre-School (Public)                   Roldan Avenue, Brgy. Manggagawa
         -  Kinder II
Elementary Schools




St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parochial School



Guinayangan Elementary School - Enverga Bulding

  St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parochial School (Private)   Roldan Ave. cor A. Marquez St., Brgy. Poblacion
  Guinayangan Elementary School (Public)   Roldan Avenue, Brgy. Manggagawa
  Gregorio M. Mendoza Central Annex Elem. (Public)   Roldan Avenue, Brgy. Poblacion
  Don Guillermo Eleazar Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Manlayo
  Sisi Primary School (Public)   Barangay Sisi
  Gapas Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Gapas
  Aloneros Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Aloneros
  Danlagan Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Danlagan Central
  Sta. Cruz Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Sta. Cruz
  San Roque Elementary School (Public)   Barangay San Roque
  Dancalan Central Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Dancalan Central
  Dancalan Caimawan Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Dancalan Caimawan
  Lubigan Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Lubigan
  Arbismen Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Arbismen
  Sintones Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Sintones
  Capuluan Tulon Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Capuluan Tulon
  Nabangka Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Capuluan Central
  San Isidro Elementary School (Public)   Barangay San Isidro
  Ligpit Bantayan Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Ligpit Bantayan
  A. Mabini Elementary School (Public)   Barangay A. Mabini
  Sta. Maria Primary School (Public)   Barangay Sta. Maria
  Bagong Silang Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Bagong Silang
  San Luis I Primary School (Public)   Barangay San Luis I
  San Luis II Elementary School (Public)   Barangay San Luis II
  Dungawan Central Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Dungawan Central
  Dungawan Paalyunan Elementary School (Public)   Barangay Dungawan Paalyunan
Secondary Schools  
  Guinayangan Academy (Private)   Tupas Matta Molines St., Brgy. Poblacion
  St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parochial School (Private)   Roldan Ave. cor A. Marquez St., Brgy. Poblacion
  Guinayangan National High School (Public)   Barangay Calimpak
  Dungawan National High School (Public)   Barangay Dungawan Central 
  Nabangka National High School (Public)   Barangay Capuluan Central
  Guinayangan National High School Extension (Public)   Barangay Sta. Cruz
  Aloneros National High School (Public)   Barangay Aloneros
Technical School
  Guinayangan College Foundation (Private)   Barangay Sisi
    Courses Offered:  
         -  BS Elementary Education (4 years)  
         -  BS Business Administration - Mgmt. (4 years)  
         -  BS Criminology (4 years)  
  Guinayangan Institute of Technology (Private)   Tupas Matta Molines St., Brgy. Poblacion
    Courses Offered:  
         -  Computer Technology (2 years)  
         -  Computer Secretarial (2 years)  
         -  Associate in Office Administration (2 years)  
         -  Auto-Diesel Technology (2 years)  
 G-Sisters Learning Institute of Technology  Public Market Site (Commercial Building)
    Courses Offered:  
        -  Hotel and Restaurant Services (2 years)  
        -  Information technology in Accounting (2 years)  
        -  Business Management (2 years)  
        -  Technical Teachers Education (2 years)  
        -  Office Management (2 years)  
        -  Basic Seaman with Stewardship (2 years)  


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