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Infrastructure Services

        All permits regarding any construction/development activities are processed and issued at the Office of the Municipal Engineer (OME).  The engineering office is also tasked with the design, construction, improvement, management and maintenance of all public works/government projects in the municipality as well as the maintenance and operations of all heavy equipment owned by the municipal government.  In addition to these, the OME is the one to implement the National Building Code of the Philippines (PD 1096) in the municipality.  Foremost of the many Permits issued by the Office are:   

    Building Permit
    Electrical Permit
    Sanitary Permit
    Fire Safety Permit
    Mechanical Permit
    Occupancy Permit
On-going Projects
as of May 2005
Target date of Completion
Waste Management Program 80% Completed December 2005
   (Acquisition of New Site & Garbage Collection)    
Maintenance of Barangay Roads    
   - Poblacion-Manggalang-Sintones FTM Road 23% Completed December 2005
   - Manggagawa-Arbismen-Sabang-Sintones FTM Road
not yet started
December 2005
   - SINDACAR-BAGVIL Inter ARC Barangay Road not yet started December 2005
   - San Isidro-Capuluan Tulon Farm to Market Road 25% Completed September 20005
   - Tikay Barangay Road not yet started October 2005
   - Danlagan Cabayao Barangay Road not yet started October 2005
   - Danlagan Central Barangay Road not yet started October 2005
   - Danlagan Reserva Barangay Road not yet started October 2005
   - Del Rosario-San Jose-San Pedro II FTM Road not yet started September 2005
   - Antonio Marquez St., Barangay Poblacion not yet started December 2005
Maintenance of Guinayangan Public Market 14% Completed December 2005
Maintenance of Heavy Equipment 81% Completed September 2005
Improvement of Public Building 37% Completed September 2005
Barangay Water Supply System For Bidding December 2005

Additional Projects (20% MDF - Supplemental)

Improvement of Manlayo Barangay Road

not yet started

 October 2005

Improvement of Drainage Canal - Brgy. Calimpak

not yet started

December 2005

Concreting of Brgy. Road leading to ABC Hall

not yet started

December 2005

Finished Projects
Date Started
Date of Completion
Concreting/Rehabilitation of Barangay Roads



   -  Sta. Cruz Barangay Road March 2005 March 2005
   -  San Miguel-Triumpo-Cabibihan FTM Road February 2005 March 2005
   -  Improvement of Calimpak Barangay Road

April 2005

         August 2005


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